Does it last??? - From "The Headlight Guy" 
Often I'm asked. Does it last? The honest answer is, No NOT FOREVER! Come on, they start to go bad after 2 to 3 years from the factory, so really would you expect them to last any longer than that after restoration?

There is NOTHING I can do to make them last any longer than a couple of years, there is, however, a lot YOU CAN DO. After I fix your headlights I always give the customer an aftercare card that explains in detail how you can take care of your lights.

If you do not want to do anything after I restore your lights you WILL need to have them redone in about two years. If, however, you follow the aftercare instructions (which are not difficult) they will last you 4 to 6 years.

I'm putting this on my blog, because no matter how often I preach and explain this, I get that one person who will say Look I told you, it doesn't last. I say it myself, IT DON'T LAST "FOREVER" , but considering the HIGH COST of replacements, and with just a little attention they will last just as long as NEW EXPENSIVE ONES.


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