7000 Sets of Headlights 
I have just finished counting and in five years I have done over 7000 sets of headlights, without ANY complaints or warranty issues.

Not a bad product, would you say?


You could have these results!!!


Administrator (Rick - The Headlight Guy) 
To, Crystal Clear Headlights

From: The Headlight Guy (Bright Lights Now) I do not understand the reason for you leaving this comment, but as for cleaners that "work". I have not found one yet.

And then you said that "if my lights break down I replace them instead". That is always an option for ones. However read my comments on after markets. IF YOU BY CHEAP YOU GET CHEAP. My product is a very cost effective option.

Crystal Clear Headlights 
The waxes and cleaners really cost a lot! There are only a few affordable ones I tried that worked really well. Some were really a hoax. I wasted money for that. Well, we all have choices in the world. There are still a few cheap cleaners that work left in my garage and I'm saving it up to clean up my lights. And if my lights break down I replace them instead.

Administrator (Rick - The Headlight Guy) 
Ahhhhhhh! Those old wonderful GLASS headlights , that broke every time a rock came up off the road or some kid with a BB gun wanted to target practice. Not to mention more glass flying with each fender bender (look out eyes).

You are right; a person should not have to wade through the garbage and lies to get to the real deal. Some of these gimmicks that you mentioned are just that GIMMICKS. I disagree with you that these “wipe on wipe off” items are ok, or do an all right job. The truth is they do not work period.

We have a proven process and our customers back us up. Just read the rest of my blog for any supporting evidence.

Thank you for your comment.
From The Headlight Guy

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