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What about using a kit?

I do not begin to pretend that I have used every kit or every product out there, but I have had many, many customers that after buying kits, and other headlight cleaning products, call me and bring the car to me anyway, some believing that they have ruined their lights. So after they have wasted several hours of their valuable time and they are out the money for the do it yourself solution, now are paying me to fix the problem.

I have had others show me their headlights after they have restored them and seem to be proud of their results. Then I ask them to let me redo one of their headlights to show them what a TRUE HEADLIGHT RESTORATION is all about. They can't believe their eyes. I have also done this for used car dealership managers and have won accounts from other vendors who say they do headlights.

In my opinion, Some of The Problems with Kits and Other Products.

Many of the kits use some kind of a clear coat and call it a UV protection, they will sand off some of the bad plastic and to cover over scratches and what bad material they leave behind with this clear coat. The problem is that the oxidized plastic or other debris that remains on the headlight will still not let light shine through, even though the headlights seem to be clearer, than they were when they started. The clear coat will also in many if not most cases start to crack and peel in a short time due to applying it over a not so clean surface and/or the constant temperature changes that take place. Some kits do NO sanding, they just use a chemical cleaner and then clear coat. How bad is that???

I have challenged ones to let me pick the headlights, they use a kit and I use my process and I have not lost yet.

I will in the near future be showing pictures of some of these challenges.

I have even had a kit sales representative ask me if there was not room in the used car business for both of us? because I was taking so many of his customers. (used car dealers).

More on kits later.

Summary: In my opinion, the average do it yourself-er" will not get the results that will please him. Not for the money and time, that he will spend. In most cases I can restore your headlight to a nearly factory new condition, At a very, affordable price.

To view one man's experience go to this link and read.

http://screamingreviews.com/fast-brite- ... rk-at-all/

Tom Wood uses kits and does it in-house and unlike many of the other dealerships that I work for where the used car managers choose which venders to use they tell their people who to use, no matter if they can get it done better.

I have always felt that the man with his hand on the plow will plow a straighter line if he is not being told where to go, by someone standing afar off trying to direct him or micro manages him. If he can't be trusted to make sound decisions, why is he working for you, if you can't trust him???

I have also had a service representative from Tom Wood VW North, tell me that they have been thru three different kits and really haven't found one that matches the work we do (but it's cheaper).

A used car manager, also from another Tom Wood Store, on the north side said to me, that he was told to use the in-house guy, even though he likes our work better because it was far superior to what they have. I have personally seen their guys work and it is without a doubt substandard work (in my opinion).

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