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The Headlight Guy


Administrator (Rick - The Headlight Guy) 
I personally think that hazy, cloudy, fogged over headlight are as dangerous as not wearing your seat belt. Not only for you but anyone on the road i.e. someone walking, bicycle rider or an animal you may not see.

And this is a problem that CAN BE FIXED. Donít ignore the problem. I have fixed the headlights for some of my neighbors for no charge, because I wanted MY neighborhood to be a little safer.

We can repair those issues with your headlights and your ability to see at night.

The Headlight Guy

Administrator (Rick - The Headlight Guy) 
I do not recommend using kits. In most cases they do not work, or at least not the results that you think you are going to get.

I do not recommend after market headlight assemblies, at least the ones they sell cheap. (See my section here on aftermarkets)

If you could take some pictures of your headlights and email them to me, and if they appear not to have any inside water damage, and if you can or have a friend that can take these lights out and you can do without your car for a few days. I have some people send them to me and I can have them back in the mail to you in 24 Ė 48 hrs. after I receive them.

If this does not work for you then ask yourself is seeing at night all that is important to you? (YES) Then replacing them with factory O.E.Mís is your best option.

You might find someone in your area that ďRestores Headlights.

If they clear coat after cleaning the headlight, then they are just covering up what they canít fix, and in a short time your headlights will be worse than when you started. Or if they do this work cheap, beware.

You can contact me at info@brightlightsnow.com

Jennifer K 

I drive a 2000 Mercury Mountaneer with some serious headlight issues. I live in Colchester,Illinois which is a very rural area. There is a large deer population and I need to be very careful driving, especially after dark when they love to congregate on the roads. The problem is that my headlights are so foggy and yellow that I can't see very well when I am driving at night. Can you tell me if there is anyone who can restore them in my area? If not, is there another alternative? Thanks so much for your assistance.

Jennifer K
Colchester, Illinois

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